Wednesday, November 21, 2007


1.         Could you please give us some background info about you, where from and how you started to do photography ?
the flair for photography was always there..was'nt keen to take it
up as a profession till i met my mentor & best friend manoj jadhav, he opened up new doors for me with the knowledge & creativity that came
along with photography.Coming from india & being brought up in dubai i
did'nt have much access,locally growing up to a wider prospective of the
art school the subject of art was'nt high on the list of ever coming from a background where two of the highest
regarded painters in india are family it was a subject at home that was
taken seriously..than came the struggle to learn & im learning more

2.        What do you think it involves to become a good photographer ?

3.        How would you explain your work ?
Different..& dark

4.         Have you ever worked in Asia before, and what do you think about
the market ?
I luv working in asia..luv the energy & above all i luv the fact
that in all its cunfusion  it still makes sense..

5.        What do you look at when choosing models for your work/ photo-shoots ?
i think models help you get the better emotion that is required,
what i look for is the confidence in some one..the fact that a model knows what angle  he/she looks good in is great..i hate it when on a
shoot the photographer has to tell the model how to pose..i think it
breaks the energy of the moment..i just want to get behind the camera &
shoot..the model has to do what he/she is meant to do..give it all...

6.        Could you please tell us, what projects you are working on now ?
I've just finished a shoot called 'carnival'..its based on the
opposite nature of the people who perform..just portraits & the nature had to be expressed only in the eyes..amazing!

7.        What is your most memorable moment you would like to share with us
After the hardships of making 'it'..I was finally recognized for
what im doing..its an amazing feeling to overcome a struggle!
p.s you were part of it..our shoemart campaign..

8.        What suggestion could you give to aspiring models and other who
gets the chance to work with you ?
Get to know your own body & mind, pose in front of a mirror, bring
that confidence in front of the camera..cause your the chosen one for a not let yourself down.
9.        Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now ?
honestly i do not know..because to me its right here, right now &
hopefully the next day too.

10.        Being featured on the ?UNIVERSAL PLAYER? what does that mean to you ?

Thankfull, its a matter of respect & i appreciate that you have
given it to me.

Thanks Nader for sheering us some of your life, knowledge and experience.

Looking forward to have you featured again soon.

God bless and wish you all success in life.




Sunday, September 23, 2007


1. Please tell us a bit about youself ?
Hello Patrick, hello Players my name is Pablo CHESTER, called the “Paris black DIVA”
I come from Africa and I live in France & Monaco. I’m single (in your country), 1m80 for 67 kgs(ok, 70kgs).  23 years old (what? I swear on my Christian DIOR bag!). At the beginning, I was famous in Paris for my Parties in the best V.I.P clubs(thanks to my TEACHERS David Guetta & Puff Daddy). After that I wrote my travels & jet-set life for several fashion magazines. I became progressively this funny Ladyboy who likes fashion, diamonds & beautiful things (like men & Dolce-Gabbana)! The cherry on the cake is my sudden celebrity on internet with my blog! In 1 year I became the queen of diary blogs! It’s so fun to be famous even on internet, you are in touch with many people across the globe (I don’t fell alone anymore)! In January I’ve made the cover of one Japanese fashion magazine about my blog success and my love story with a famous soccer player...I’m singer and I hope you will love my future album!

2. What doe’s it takes to be the queen of Paris etc ?
Queen of Paris ? Me? I don’t think so! Queen of blogging, maybe! Queen of bitches, totally! Paris is an amazing city, I’m famous there but the real queen is the Eiffel tower, and Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë!
I’m just the little black (mamba) who loves people & expensive things!

3. Jet-setting all over the world. What kind of enjoyment doe’s that bring you?
Jet-set underground exactly! Me and my personal assistant HUGO, who’s my best friend (and my brain), prefer to sleep in a 5 stars hotel and eat Kebabs sandwiches and pizzazz in downtown (it’s more exciting)! You learn a lot when you travel! You can see different cultures and make your own opinion about clichés! I have the chance to be invited all around the world from Asian, Arabic’s and Jew friends, it makes me be an open-minded person! Luxe is good when you’ve knew poverty (like me) and life cost. When I was young, I was looking dynasty (the Tv show), then I sweared to live in that luxury atmosphere as Alexis Carrington, and I’m still trying to be like that bitch, lol.

With Singer "Amy Winehouse"

In fact during 4 years I was engage with a billionaire (a real) who treated me like a princess(wouahhhh)! I was living on a yacht in Monaco, wearing haute couture dresses, diamonds rings & jewels, having my own car driver, fur coat(yes I know shame on me, but I was young) blah blah blah… But during this beautiful period of my life I wasn’t really happy. I was a brut diamond in a satin box but life isn’t just that! Now I know even you got money can’t buy the essential, love! The simple things are best and better when you can share them with someone you loves(sniff I’m so romantic)! Jet-set is dead with Agha Khan (remember), this word is used so badly! This life in society can help you to find a certain kind of friends, rich husbands, business or if you’re lucky, “the Big love…” but I think I had a lot of joy in this cruel Jet-set universe!

With Singer "Gwen Stefani".

4. Being on the gossip magazine, news, fans etc.. How do you handle the attention?
I’m not a big STAR, but I’m the mega Star of my life! People likes to read my funny stories on my blog, from my business to dates with other celebrities!
Last year the story about me and one of my friend who became my lover brokes all the statistics! This story creates a buzz on me, I don’t know why, but it’s like that! Maybe cause he was straight, Muslim, and not famous! With my help (and only in few months) he makes magazines photos, starts modelling with success, but some of his jealous closest friends turned this love story down and pushed him to break up with me because he was married with a girl who wears flip flap with socks(beurk)! Internet was trying to kill my big love! I received the support from many Net surfers who understood my real distress (for the first time). This situation creates a bond between me and the public till now! With the other side of the celebrity…Crazy fans who spy me when I’m in Paris with Hugo, who diverted information on the web, and insult all boys around me, but all publicity is good to keep! On my blog there’s not just my love & futile affaires, there’s  sex, news people, fashion & music video, all (my) good things. I’m now keeping secret all my personal love stories; you know what I’m talking about Patrick…

With Soccer Player "Ronaldinho".
5. Being in media and news, as a celebrity what responsibilities comes with it?
when you are famous all the things that you write or say could be interpreted positively or negatively,  it depends on the public(I know what I’m talking about)!
Without communautarism I have to represent Shemales, blacks, gays & girls (sometimes). In France you have to work harder than everyone! I’m trying with lord’s help(and Vogue) to give a little bit of dream! I’m happy when i meet someone who tells you “Pablo you are so funny, i love your work and your personality. You give me the desire to be free like you”. With that kind of words I have to work harder in view to makes others people happy! I am like a confidant for some girls or young boys who can see in me a kind of model for their future coming out. Be Gay or shemale is not a shame finally!
6 I’m sure people have approached and pointed out you resemble supermodel Naomi Cambell, how do you feel about that ?
Are you joking Patrick? Naomi Campbell could be my mother (lol), but I accept this comparison with the fabulous naughty panther (it’s better than Serena Williams, lol).
I know Naomi Campbell since my 19 years old and she was my model. She was one of the first person of the long list of celebrities who supported and helped me to push few doors! Big respect! She’s an icon, but please make a baby Naomie, it’s time now. I can manage all billionaires alone!
9. What turns you on ?
Pouvez-vous répéter la question? Love…

10. What Projects are you currently working on? 
I’m presently working on my own clothes “haute couture” collection.  I’ve been signed by a big edition company in view to write my own book (not about me). I’m still searching producers for my music album
because I would like to sing in different languages like Thaï, Japanese, or Brazilian. It’s my personal project!  My blog gives me a lot of work too (you can’t imagine how it’s hard to find naughty things for you!!!!)

12. Where do you want to be in 10 years from now?
If God wants I’ll be in my big House in Miami with my love, my friends and family with paparazzi all around off course!

13. Being featured on the UNIVERSAL PLAYER, what does that mean to you?
Can we talk about this later? It’s time to watch desperate housewives!
I’m honoured pat you know it…

14. Any message for you fans and followers ?
I would like to thanks all my fans for their support and help to pass my messages of tolerance! Life is short, try to make this one beautiful, if you can’t you’ll probably do it in your next life, don’t worry!

Hugo please stops to take my Chanel jacket! Enemies keep watching my adventures and choke! And You Mr Pat Merci beaucoup mais j’ai oublié mon string chez toi hier! I will always love you!
Players feel free to send me love by email, I really need it, because I love someone who loves his ex-wife.

Thank once you again Princess of Pareeee for letting the UNIVERSAL PLAYER interviewing you.

Wish you all success for the future....
Yes, you’d better! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep watching my universal lover Patrick Ribbsaeter/UNIVERSAL PLAYER



Saturday, September 22, 2007


1. Please tell us UNIVERSAL PLAYERS a little bit about you ?
I'm just your average guy with above average passion (for my job,

2. What got you in to photography ?
I think photographers all start out the same way - all
photographers start out finding themselves caring a lot about the
power image. The photograph has always had it's subtle effects on
people but in every good photographers case, the allure of a visual is
stronger. With regards to my career, I started out doing graphics -
and that let me play around with a lot of images. That in turn led me to want
to be in control of all the visuals I had in my hands. I loved working
with photographs so much that I just felt the need to do things my
way. Like an itch I just had to scratch. Cause you see, when you're
doing stuff in the computer (graphics, retouching, etcetera etcetera)
you will only have partial control of the final product, but when
you're behind the lens, you are the master of the image. You have to
think of the concept, you have to know how to work with the light, you
have to be able to communicate your ideas with your team... It's a
whole big production. And I wanted to be on top of it all.

3. You have worked in Asia, Middle East and now the United
States, could you please share with us the differences to work in
these continents ?
Well, I think Asia and the Middle East are obviously the polar
opposites of the United States for two main reasons. First because of
aesthetic. There will always be heavy censoring in Asia and the Middle
East, which in a way can teach you how to create stimulating images
with very little to tap on. If anything, it teaches you taste because
nothing can be too vulgar in these places. You have to be more
creative to come up with something sexy. I think because I worked in
these two continents, I can come up with photographs that are
extremely sexy but subtle. Second, because I'm now based in
NY, I now started to consider the wonderful advantages of diversity.
Here, I feel that I am learning to shoot photographs that will appeal
to the world - not just in the little sphere of the Asian or Middle
Eastern communities. Being in NY - the melting pot of the world -
makes you realize that there is a lot to learn and work on.

4. Where market do you feel most comfortable to work in and why ?
The United States fashion industry most definitely. You get to
express yourself in such a way that brings out the best in you.

5. Do you have any special techniques you do before start shooting models ?
The best thing to do (in my opinion at least) is to establish
rapport with whoever I am shooting. Nothing sucks more than a
photograph with an uptight model.

6. What do you think models should think of while posing in front of a camera ?
They should try to forget that they are in front of a camera.
They just ought to be full of self-confidence and know that they look
like a million bucks.

7. What do you love about fashion and where does your inspiration
come from ?
My inspiration comes from my life - my experiences, the people I meet, ordinary things I see everyday - I feel that inspiration should be everywhere and that if you really love photography, you will appreciate all kinds of visuals (which is everywhere.)
I find inspiration in everything. I find inspiration with my favorite image makers
like Irving Penn, Javier Vallhonrat, Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Steven Klein, Nan Goldin, & Cindy Sherman.
And fashion... I love everything about it. What's not to love?

8. What projects are you currently working on, anything you can
share with us ?
Youll be seeing most of my new works popping out in Europe and NYC...
magazine covers, editorials, portraits, and campaigns...Ill keep you updated on the details...
Plus Im working on a coffee table book entitled "UNIVERSAL PLAYAS"
but since I have a feeling its not too original now thanks to you
...its tentatively entitled "HOTBEDS by Lope Navo"

10. Which major brand do you see yourself shooting for in the
future and why ?
I want to reinvent the images of mass luxury labels, mainly
Gucci, LV and Prada... I feel like I just might be able to add a
little ooomph. Notice how many of these ads look the same? No grit at all.

11. What help could you pass on to aspiring models starting out the Biz ?
I think that in any field, you have to know what you want
first... Then have the guts to do anything and everything to carry it
out and see everything to the finish. What is life without a little
challenge and a little risk?

12. Being featured on the UNIVERSAL PLAYER blog, what doe’s that mean to you ?
Well I feel like its a full circle...Im proud of you Patrick!




Friday, September 21, 2007


Joe was born in Bangkok (Thailand). He finished his Master degree (Fashion Studies, Menswear) in London and graduated in 2000 from the London College of Fashion. In 2001, Joe met J Maskrey, a famous skin jewelery designer who was working with skin jewelery design at that time. Joe and decided to work with her for about a year to gain some hands on experience.

During, 2001 to 2002 Joe started teaching university students about fashion design in Chiangmai (Thailand). He showed and took the students around to different locations in Bangkok. Some of those places was his family’s business where they produce night wear pajamas and distribute to other countries like England and America, as well as having their own shop in Central Bangkok area and some of the leading department stores. The students got the chance to learn about all the technical parts behind the fashion industry. Which is a very important tool to understand becoming a great fashion designer.

Joe also took his students behind the scenes in Bangkok and gave them a chance to see backstage of real Fashion Shows etc. Which many of these students don’t have access in their daily life unfortunately. For Joe this was a way to educate his students as well give back to the community.After one year of teaching, Joe’s father got sick and he stopped teaching to help out with the family business. Joe helped out his family for five years. After 2 years, he knew that he wanted to start his own brand though. So, in 2007, suddenly he decided to start KRANE. This was not the first time Joe decided to start a collection. He had tried to in 2005, but never took the collection to its full potential.
Joe know the Thai market very well, in his opinion and he found much of the clothes on the market were all the same. Joe noticed the clothes looked like Avonka or in other terms, complicated designs and cuts and trying to hard. Joe decided to take a different direction. Krane” is more about practicality, wearable, neat and what you can wear in everyday's life but yet still looks very stylish.

So far the industry has embraced his uniques sense of design because of the diversity he brings in the clothes and style. His inspiration came from everything, everywhere, people, celebrities to the clothes he would like to wear, yet could never find in stores. “Krane” is for people that imaginative and everyday clothes that they can’t find anywhere else.

What does it take to be a top Designer?
Joe: Its not just about being a fashion designer, people are interested to see what you have to offer to the industry and will judge the designers work by that?. Thailand has many very good and talented designers. To but to build your brand and to outshine the others, The designer needs to be very clear and focus on his/her designs for the people to see and then
get them to buy it.
What about the “Krane” fashion show that took place at MET BAR?
I went to the fashion show! The Met Bar is best described as a posh, but concept-wise quite ordinary hotel club (Metropolitan Hotel), which is popular among models and the noveau rich. It’s difficult to get inside and if you are
not wealthy or a VIP, you need a membership card.

Joe decided to have his fashion show there because Met bar organizes an event called “Second fashion Series”. Every month Met bar hosts an event, with one very selected designer to show case his/her clothing line. The manager of Met Bar K Num introduced and approached joe for the 2nd series about their event and wanted him to take part of the Second Fashion Series event.

The preparation for the Fashion show was straight forward. The choice of models was very good in my opinion. There was a good set of male models walking down the catwalk. They all where mixed, different heights, good looks and very versatile. Excellent choice of models for the right set of clothes.

Before the show, Joe had been introduced by a friend to a popular bag designer from Denmark, Rene ( Joe showcased this designer bags with “Krane”. The bags are handmade and being produced in Bangkok. Joe tells me, that there might be a potential collaboration between the two. More news to come later…

The fashion show at Met Bar was coordinated with Joe’s good friend and top Fashion Stylist, Konti from Thailand. He was glad because to have him there because it helped having another opinion.
Joe received a great response from friends and important members of the fashion industry. He has already gotton a couple of requests for his pieces.

Will Joe launch a women’s line any time soon?
At this time, Joe is only focusing on menswear, but he definitely planning to do a womenswear line in a very near future.

What type of People wear “Krane”?
People who wear “Krane” appreciate the small details in clothing and think about the way they carry themselves. Age doesn’t matter as long as he knows how to dress well mix and match his style.

Is “Krane” Affordable?
Joe believes that the tailoring is affordable and wants clients to be able to wear he brand often. People should be able to change their wardrobe once in a while without costing a leg and a foot.

What does the future hold?
This coming October 2007, Joe wants to launch his first Flagship store in Bangkok where carrying full range of merchandizes and starts his womenswear line.

Joe has also teamed up with four leading other top designers in Bangkok from different backgrounds in industry to launch another line. Together, they are currently collaborating with a major company in Thailand to launch this new menswear early next year.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you all the name of the company! It’s still a secret, awaiting to be revealed!

Where does Joe see “Krane” 3 years from now?
He would like to get in touch with International buyers to expand his brand. “Krane” and sell all over Asia (Hong-Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines) His dream is to have a flagship store for Male and female clothing in the future.

Joe finished the interview by saying… “I dont know if I will live in Thailand for ever, Life changes.. We never 'never' *SMILE*.” Joe credits his Family, his partner, dear friends, and his team who have helped him making this dream and vision possible.

I would like to thank him for letting me interview him for the hottest gossip website on the net and the unique UNIVERSAL PLAYER (me)!

Bedtime Story Building
302-304 2nd fl., Siam Square Soi 4
Rama1, Patumwan Bangkok 10330

Dress Code at Siam Paragon
1st fl. Bangkok

Shop Tel.: +66 (0) 2250 0181
Office Tel.: +66 (0) 2472 5680-3
Fax: +66 (0) 2472 1314

Thursday, September 13, 2007


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am a Fashion-Celebrity-Advertising photographer, currently based in TokyO.  Started my career in 1998. Go check my website:  LESLIE KEE WEBSITE

2. U are born in Singapore but grew up in Tokyo (Japan). What are the differences working in Japan and New York ?

Working in Tokyo -  Trust, Hardwork and Teamwork... Working in Tokyo  -  Identity, Sense and Quality

3. Working on two totally different continents, what impact has it contributed to your work ?

To me, they are much the same,  as I always work in my own style, and regardless of the country, language and category of projects,  I always make sure that all my crews and subjects enjoy the photo session for the day.   Therefore - to me, is not about where I am,  but it's more about knowing who I am and what I want to do.

4. You are currently working on a project called “Superstars”, could you please tell us a little bit more about it ?

This book, which took me 2 years to complete, is a collaboration of 300 Asian artists, dedicating their love to the victims of the Asian Tsunami Disaster which took place in 2004 December 26. The profit of the book, will be donated to the World Vision Organisation, which will then contribute to the children and elders who suffered from the tragedy. The book itself is 640 pages,  all printed in full color. SuperStars photobook is available at 


5. Where does your inspiration come from, and who’s your 
role model (if you have one) ?

My role model,  for photographer is  Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber. As for an aritst,  is my most favourite singer songwriter  -  Yumi Matsutoya.


6. Working with Celebrities / Actors / Models etc. Does that have any impact on you, and what kind of impact ?

Of course, lots of impact and inspiration.   I always learn more after shooting with great artist. Too much to mention,  for instance,  just to name a few : Beyonce,  Cindy Crawford,  Marcus Schenkenberg,  Devon Aoki,  Zhang Zi Yi,  Ne-Yo,  Sarah Jessica Parker -  these few mentioned artists are super professional in front of the camera.  They totally give me full concentration in expressing their emotion, and most of all, they all enjoyed being photographed. Their belief in my direction - has built up my confidence and belief for my works as well.

7 What is that you love about Fashion/Photography ?

The Freedom of Art,  and the Expression of Life  !

8. How many photo-shoots are you doing in a month about ?

Minimun 15 photo sessions per month,  maximun can be 40 photo sessions !

9. What’s your favorite place you would like to see more of ?

I have been to almost every part of Asia, but would love to explore more again in Nepal and India. Recently I got the chance to shoot a big photobook, called HEAVEN - Leah Dizon  in Kenya, Africa.  Hope to return to Kenya, in near future, not for work, but to explore further and enjoy the nature.


10. What would you like to wish, for the next year 2008 ?

2008 will be the 10th year of my career.   My wish every year is always the same. May there be lots of love and peace, good health and good life,  for myself, and all my beloved !

11. Having worked and now featured on the blog of “UNIVERSAL PLAYER” what was your experience from it ?

ASIA IS ONE,  I want to support Patrick as much as I can,  because I totally believe in his vision !


Thanks once again Leslie for letting me feature you on the UNIVERSAL PLAYER.
Its been great working and getting to know you indeed.. Looking forward to see you again soon.

Best wishes and let your happiness & success continue for many more years to come ;)


Monday, September 10, 2007


1. Please tell us a bit about yourself ?

Sherice: I am constantly evolving, learning to understand, and living each day trying to be better. I VERY creative and sometime don’t know what to do with all of the ideas I come up with. I absolutely LOVE children, although I have no children, I believe that they are so precious and we can learn everything from them. My passions are fashion and performing whether it’s on stage, film or television or in the forms of singing, dancing, and acting. I am very competitive and love to be the best! I’m also a helpless romantic…LOL!

2. What made you start modeling
and why ?

Sherice: To be blunt and honest, at FIRST it was to validate that I was beautiful. There was always someone telling me I should model because I was tall and beautiful but I truly did not believe I was a pretty girl. So I did it out of curiousity and validation. Then after time of evolving and understanding of myself and the business I began to do it becuz I am beautiful and UNIQUE and my look could make money!!

3. What's the hardest of modeling work, and what's the best ?

Sherice: The hardest is when you don’t get the job you wanted really badly and the best is when you do…and the money is sweet!!

4. What?s your favorite brand photographer you dream of working with
one day in the future ?

Sherice: I really would of LOVED to be shot by the late Herb Ritts. I have no words for his mark in photography. Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Marcus Klinko, Karl Lagerfeld, David Lachapelle, and of course, Annie Leibovitz…

5. Do you think working as a model is dumbing or educating ?

Sherice: I can only speak of myself and I believe that this experience for me was educating. Not only is this a business ran by ME but I learned a lot about myself in this industry as well. Being rejected a lot, can test your strength and really see what you are made of. I’ve never been with an agency so I’ve freelanced my whole career so, I really took care of the business aspect of modeling as well as the actual work! I wonder how different it would have been if I was taken care of by an reputable agency…hmmmmmmmmmmm

6.Have you ever worked in Asia before and what is your opinion about it ?

Sherice: I have never worked in Asia but for some odd reason I thought that they were into the African-American looking model. Don’t know where I got that from!!!

7. What suggestions could you give to aspiring models starting out ?

Sherice: This is NO game! The fashion industry is NO JOKE! And you must be serious about yours if you want to be successful and make money. Just like a small-business you must expect to invest in yourself. You must also think of how you want to BRAND yourself…what is your “thing” that makes you stand out from the rest? Just like a small business you must also learn what your competion is…what is your market like? Do your research on anything you choose to do and make sure you are not late!!!…LOL

8. Please tell us what projects you have been working on, and what projects
waits in the pipeline ?

Sherice: To be honest, I am not sure if I will continue to model, unless an agency picks me up! I am working on focusing my career on being an actor. It’s a mystery…even to myself! If you really wanna know you can check up on me at my myspace page:

9. What have you learned from modeling ?

Sherice: I learned to never give up on your dreams…no matter what the outcome is you gain sooooooo much more from experiencing from the journey!!

10. And finally last question, what does it men to you being featured
on this unique blog UNIVERSAL PLAYER !

Sherice: Well, first of, I am honored that Patrick wanted to feature lil ole me…and I must say I could use the international exposure!!! Thank you Patrick!!! **MUAH**

Thanks once again "Sherice" for letting me featuring you on UNIVERSAL PLAYER.

"Sherice" UNIVERSAL PLAYER WISHES Good luck with everything and more success to you in the future ;)

Looking forward to see you again soon on FEATURED UNIVERSAL PLAYERS !